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Weigh Immediate Benefits of Green Improvement Against Added Home ValueSome people buy a house in order to provide the stability of a long-term family home. Others buy with the intention of reselling at a profit somewhere down the line, and are interested in maximizing potential return. Still others purchase homes in need of updating and renovation, focusing on what is currently "hot" on the market to assure a quick resale.

Immediate Benefit vs. Long-Term Value

Numerous energy-efficient home upgrades exist to help homeowners lower their bills—who doesn't know about LED bulbs and the wisdom of unplugging appliances that aren't currently being used? In the same vein, solar landscape lighting and motion-controlled exterior fixtures make good sense in terms of both current savings and future value.


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6 Must Have Painting ToolsThere is an art to staging a luxury home, and paint choice is a large part of it. And, as with any art, there are certain tools of the trade that should be mastered. Some of them can be useful depending on the situation, but some are so handy they’re almost mandatory for anyone who wants to paint. Here are some of the different useful painting tools available on the market and how to use them. 

1. 5 Gallon Bucket

Paint already comes in buckets, so why would anyone want a bigger bucket for their paint? There’s actually a very handy reason. When using multiple cans of paint that are the same color, it’s possible that there could be an error made during the mixing process that means they come out in slightly different shades. By pouring all the

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Seasonal Park City Activities You've Got to TryNestled in the mountains, it might seem like Park City's year-round population of about 8,000 and historic mining roots makes it something with a minimal draw. That is, of course, until people consider Park City's awesome location and capacity as a tourist destination. These days, Park City brings in over half a billion each year in tourist dollars, particularly focused on the fun and delights of winter. However, Park City has a great deal to offer in any season.


Early spring may be one of the best times to enjoy an excellent day of skiing in Park City. The days are longer, the weather is not quite as biting, and there is still plenty of powder on the slopes. Most ski resorts in and around Park City are open until early or mid-April,

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How Smart Technology Can Increase the Luxury in Your HomeIt's clear that some technology is made for strictly practical purposes, while other devices are made more for fun. But as the years roll by and the technology improves, the lines are increasingly blurry. Now homeowners can highlight the luxury in their home with the addition of smart technology, and they can improve upon their home for both themselves and future buyers. Luxury homes can be brought to a new level by the integration of smart technology into their lifestyle.

Smart Speakers

There are few things more luxurious than asking a question to the air while alone and then immediately receiving the answer. Smart speakers provide homeowners with the opportunity to do exactly that, enabling them to make to-do lists, play music, query search

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