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How Much Will Residential Solar Panels Save You?When it comes to sustainable construction, few products top the charts like solar panels do. They're efficient, they save the planet, and they take advantage of a resource that is not going away anytime soon. But it's clear to homeowners that this technology doesn't come for free, which is just one of the reasons why solar panels haven't been universally adopted. There's a lot of pros and cons on either side of the debate when it comes to the real value of solar panels, so it may be time shed a little more light on the subject before anyone decides one way or the other.

Raw Costs

There's no denying that solar panels scare people off with their price tags. Few homeowners are interested in dipping into their bank accounts to spend an average of

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Home Improvement Projects: Should You DIY or Hire a Professional?Any homeowner will tell you that they look around their home and see a laundry list of home improvement projects that they want to tackle. From major kitchen renovations to minor updates like new light fixtures or smart technology upgrades, there's always some way to improve the appearance and functionality of any home. All home improvement projects are an investment of a homeowner's time and resources, so it's important that they take the time to consider the cost of the project and the ultimate return on their investment.

One question nearly every homeowner is faced with when they begin a new project is: Should I DIY this project or hire a professional contractor?

Here are 3 signs that you could DIY the project:

The Project is Manageable

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Knowing What Type of Real Estate Investment is Right For YouGetting started in real estate investment requires some knowledge of the real estate business, money and research. Prospective investors who would like to purchase their first investment property need to understand the different types of investment opportunities, where to get financing, and other important details. These tips will help someone who wants to get started buying a real estate investment.

Types of Real Estate Investment

Before an investor can decide what type of real estate is right for them, they must first understand the different types of investment. Each type of real estate investment has advantages and disadvantages. Property investors who do their homework are more likely to end up with real estate that's suitable for their

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Advice for Buying a Luxury CondoThere are many factors to consider when purchasing a luxury condo. Community life, high end appliances and price are all factors that can influence the condo buying process. These tips will help condo buyers to make a decision that they will be happy with for many years to come.

Consider Community Life

One of the great upsides of condo life is living in a large, connected community. Luxury condos in particular often have expansive, beautiful grounds where the HOA holds events that cater to residents. Buyers who are searching for a luxury condo can ask about these events at each condo they visit. Knowing the various types of community involvement can help buyers decide which type of community is right for them.

It's also important to look

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