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Update!: After making this post we have received numerous responses with helpful feedback in trying to get these details sorted. 1. It seems the business listing itself was not given away but instead all of the reviews were removed and given to the other profile. We are taking some steps to document all of these and submit a new request. 2. We realize the business name and category being used essentially across all real estate agents not only in my area but almost every other area are consistently being used incorrectly. We will use this time for correction in making sure our listing abides by Google guidelines moving forward to avoid any mistakes in the future. 

Just over a year ago we woke up to another business day here in Park City, Utah, and like

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Park City real estate MLS Data

A no "fluff" & fact based analysis on the COVID-19 affect on Park City Real Estate. Consistently updated with new data to keep track of what we are seeing week by week. 

Locals as well as vacationers to the Park City area are all wondering how the current pandemic is having an affect on the real estate market as a whole. Since the Park City market generally differs from metro markets in how it reacts to national and worldly events we thought it would be best to highlight all of the current data in one place to easily reference as new information comes out. Since we are a vacation destination area, the demographics of property owners both primary & secondary residents alike respond differently than markets close to us like in Salt Lake City.

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