5 Deluxe Home Upgrades to Give Your Home a Luxury Flair


Luxurious Upgrades for Homes: 5 Ways to Improve the Way You LiveHomeowners looking to make luxury home improvements that offer a great return on investment and simply make their home a ‘cooler' and more modern hangout may seek out a few high-end luxury improvements to command opulence in their homes. Here are five innovative upgrades that can be incorporated into most home's decor to add flair, whether it's to enjoy or as part of staging to sell.

1. Enclosed Patio Rooms with Panoramic Views

Outdoor luxury kitchens are all the rage in backyard entertaining, and all those tasty treats can certain attract a number of pesky insects and critters during mealtime. Resolve outdoor pests concerns with a glass or screened in patio with 360-degree views of surrounding landscapes. Glass rooms on the patio are the creme de la creme for the most discerning and those seeking climate control options. However, screened patios are cost efficient and can be just as charming and are ideal for more rustic settings and ranch-style homes.

2. Designer Dressing Rooms

While closets have been transitioning for years within the ultra-elite circles, modern technology has transformed the definition of what a luxurious dressing room is. Today, clothing moves about transitioning racks upon voice commands, and handbags are adorned in lighted cases like Neoclassical sculptures…shoe racks easily exhibit options that can be programed to appear in color schemes. Even iPads and other application devices can let individuals work with virtual ‘stylists' to recommend fashion, accessory and cosmetic tips.

3. Whole Home Vacuums

While this concept has been around since the mid 1800's, it's just now making a resurgence, particularly amid luxury home owners. Central home vacuums eliminate the need for hauling heavy carpet and floor cleaning devices up and down stairs, battling to find wall outlets and excel at keeping the dust debris at bay. It typically takes only a day or two for a team of pros to come and install a collection unit in the garage or basement and a pre-determined amount of lightweight retractable vacuum hoses throughout the home. Whole home vacuums can offer five times the cleaning suction of handheld vacs, so as an added benefit, whoever cleans the home will be eternally grateful.

4. Outdoor Water Features With Fire Accents

There's nothing new about fire pits and fountains, but when combined they certainly can create a backyard showpiece. Owners with flair can opt to have a single flame shooting from the center or from multiple areas on the adornment. Adding some strategically placed LED lights can make this backyard display an eye-catching showstopper reminiscence of luxurious vacation destination hotels and spas. Go for the remote control option for the ultimate convenience.

5. Hidden, Wall-Mounted Televisions

Large theater TV systems are all the rage, but owners would much rather have guests admire their homes than the whopping size of their visual entertainment center. While enjoyable, huge screens take up space and can make even spacious rooms feel smaller. It's becoming much more affordable to have LCD televisions mounted behind mirrors and artwork, only to become visible when activated. They are spectacular above fireplaces and can be hidden behind removable closet panels or just about anywhere in the home.

Interested in making some home improvements or upgrades to a luxury home or simply want to give the home a more upscale feel? Contact a local home improvement professional or local real estate expert to learn more about wise upgrades to consider.

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