6 Useful Tools For Painting Your House


6 Must Have Painting ToolsThere is an art to staging a luxury home, and paint choice is a large part of it. And, as with any art, there are certain tools of the trade that should be mastered. Some of them can be useful depending on the situation, but some are so handy they’re almost mandatory for anyone who wants to paint. Here are some of the different useful painting tools available on the market and how to use them. 

1. 5 Gallon Bucket

Paint already comes in buckets, so why would anyone want a bigger bucket for their paint? There’s actually a very handy reason. When using multiple cans of paint that are the same color, it’s possible that there could be an error made during the mixing process that means they come out in slightly different shades. By pouring all the cans out into a large bucket and mixing them together, the paint color will even out, ensuring that no part of the wall will be a different color.

2. Painter’s Tape

Painting edges can be tricky, and for painters who aren’t confident with their ability to cut in without covering some of the molding, painter’s tape can be a godsend. Painter’s tape is a lot like masking tape, but it’s specially made to prevent paint from creeping beneath it, that way painter’s don’t have to be afraid when painting, because there will be crisp lines left after the tape is peeled off

3. Masking Film

Just like painter’s tape protects parts of a wall that shouldn’t be painted, masking film does the same for large surface areas like windows. It sticks to surfaces in order to protect them while painting, and then it can be peeled off and thrown away afterwards, leaving things like mirrors and windows perfectly clean and free of paint. 

4. Paint Brush Covers

It’s common for a job to last more than a day, or at the very least, require a break every now and again. For these times, it can be a good idea to pick up a paint brush cover or two. This will prevent the paint from drying on the paint brushes and ruining them. If paint brush covers aren’t available, painters can also use an old plastic bag to make an airtight seal to do the same job. 

5. Paint Comb

When it comes time to clean up, there’s no need to throw out the old brushes just because they’re covered in paint. They can be washed and put away for the next job, and painters can use a paint comb to help. A paint comb is exactly what it sounds like: a comb made of metal with two different styles of bristles on each side of it that help remove paint from brushes. They can be extremely helpful for people who have troubles cleaning their brushes

6. Drop Cloths

Thanks to gravity, paint has a tendency to drip, and that can mean potential stains on the floor. To protect the floor, whatever it may be made of, painters can purchase drop cloths to lay down over it. When selecting a drop cloth, be sure to get one that isn’t slippery like plastic, as these kinds can be hard to walk on and lead to tripping and possible injuries. 

There’s a wide variety of tools out on the market to make life easier for painters while they work on their Old Town home, and these are just some of the different ones. Be sure to take a walk through a hardware store to find others that may be helpful for other needs.

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