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How to Show a Luxury Home to Impress BuyersShowing a luxury home may not seem very difficult, especially considering most of them are already designed to be impressive at first sight. But there are ways to better highlight its best features when showing in the hopes of better offers. The market may be a fickle friend to sellers depending on a number of unpredictable variables, but there are plenty of decisions you do have total control over. Use these tips before deciding on a strategy.

Consider Private Showings Only

Open houses for luxury homes tend to draw in people who are just looking for something to do on the weekend. This could be anyone from a couple just having a little fun to a thief who wants to check out the home's vulnerabilities. By making the home showings private,

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Luxurious Upgrades for Homes: 5 Ways to Improve the Way You LiveHomeowners looking to make luxury home improvements that offer a great return on investment and simply make their home a ‘cooler' and more modern hangout may seek out a few high-end luxury improvements to command opulence in their homes. Here are five innovative upgrades that can be incorporated into most home's decor to add flair, whether it's to enjoy or as part of staging to sell.

1. Enclosed Patio Rooms with Panoramic Views

Outdoor luxury kitchens are all the rage in backyard entertaining, and all those tasty treats can certain attract a number of pesky insects and critters during mealtime. Resolve outdoor pests concerns with a glass or screened in patio with 360-degree views of surrounding landscapes. Glass rooms on the patio are the

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5 Tips for Luxury Home Down PaymentsA down payment for a luxury home can be daunting, even to those who consider themselves to financially comfortable. However, planning ahead when it comes to the down payment is the best way for a buyer to save money on their investment, so keep these tips in mind before deciding on how much the down payment should be.

Aim High

The standard rule for down payments is 20 percent of the home's total value. Even though there are plenty of chances for buyers to pay as low as 3–5 percent, it's still not recommended if the goal is to pay as little as possible for the home. Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) is typically required by the lender should the buyer fail to produce 20 percent of the home's value, and the cost of the insurance can put a

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How to Navigate Your Luxury Home MortgageA luxury home mortgage and a conventional home mortgage have several key differences that buyers should understand before going through with the sale. These differences shape how a lender views the applicant, how long it takes to approve the loan, and what options a buyer should consider. Learn more about how to structure a luxury home mortgage before finalizing the numbers.

Insurance Facts

Before structuring a luxury home mortgage, it helps for the buyer to think like the lender. Government programs that insure mortgages will only do so for loans up to a certain amount. Anything over the conforming limit of $424,100 is considered a jumbo mortgage, and generally carries increased interest rates for the buyer. Buyers should be prepared for

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How to Handle Capital Gains on a Luxury Home SaleLuxury home sales can often exceed everyone's expectations, especially if the property is located in a high-demand area. The rules of bidding wars are radically different when it comes to wealthy buyers, which can make the appreciation of a home's value go through the roof. Capital gains for home sales are not the same as capital gains for stocks or other common assets, and sellers should understand the rules, whether selling in a community like Tuhaye or Red Ledges, long before they ever put up a for-sale sign.

Understanding Appreciation

Any asset that sells for more than it's worth is classified as a capital gain. However, it's not as simple as comparing the purchase price to the sale price. If a seller buys a luxury home for $750,000 and

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Better Ways to Stage a Luxury HomeThe smell of fresh linens, the sight of original artwork, or the sound of a gentle fountain are all ways to make a luxury house look like a home to a potential new buyer. While staging is important with all homes, it's luxury homes that usually see the biggest differences when it comes to getting offers. It's a form of marketing and branding that buyers have come to expect before deciding on the home for them. See how to make your Promontory home come alive with the right staging.

Define the Market

Professionals start by getting defining the primary and secondary markets for the home. For example, if the primary market is nuclear families with pets, it's important to show two bedrooms as children's rooms, one as a guest bedroom, and an area

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What to Expect During a Luxury Home InspectionLuxury homes in real estate have slightly different rules than an average residence, whether these rules are explicitly stated or understood by both buyers and sellers. Luxury homes are not only larger than other homes, they often include complicated characteristics and systems that need to be thoroughly verified before moving forward with a home sale. Before a buyer decides on an inspector, they need to verify that they have specialized knowledge of luxury homes. Learn more about what to look for before hiring an official inspector.

Total Investigation

Buyers want to know about anything that may affect their finances in the future, so a home inspector is there to get the answers. They're not interested in whether or not the walls of the home

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Here are closed sales for The Fisher Group for the week of 2/8 - 2/14:

19 Gallivan Ct #3 - The Gallery at The Cove @ Eagle Mountain (Park Meadows)
4-Bedrooms, 5-Baths, 4,470 s.f. - New Construction on the Park Meadows Country Club golf course
Sold Price: $2,279,000 *We represented the Buyers 

Three Kings #35 - Three Kings - Old Town Condominium

2-Bedrooms, 2-Baths, 1,200 s.f. - On the Park City Municipal Golf Course
Sold Price: $515,000 *We represented the Sellers
*We listed and sold this condo in 6 days!

River Meadows Ranch #8 - River Meadows Subdivision - Midway, UT

1.1 Acre building parcel in Midway
Sold Price: $380,000 *We represented the Buyer 



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It's that time again to report on the most significant sales we saw in Park City, UT in 2014! With the market continuing to rebound we saw a number of significant sales occurring throughout Park City and Deer Valley.

It's not surprising that these sales are taking place within Deer Valley and in The Colony at White Pine Canyon located at The Canyons. With the Vail takeover of PCMR and Canyons, The Colony will continue to have sales making the list as more of the rich and famous purchase luxury homes in this area as they explore outside of Deer Valley. 

If you're doing business in the luxury market you need experienced agents who are familiar with doing large transactions in this marketplace. Learn more about The Fisher Group, or call 435-962-0192. 

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Epic Investment! Vail's 50M Plans Announced This Week >>



Vail Resorts to Invest an Unprecedented $50 Million in Park City Mountain Resort in One Season and Create the Largest Ski Resort in the U.S.

BROOMFIELD, Colo., Dec. 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Vail Resorts, Inc. (NYSE: MTN) today announced details of the company's planned upgrades to Park City Mountain Resort ("Park City") for the 2015-2016 ski season. The plan, which totals over $50 million, is one of the most ambitious and impactful capital programs in U.S. ski industry history and will transform the guest experience at Park City. The plan would establish the connection between Park City and Canyons, creating the largest single ski area in the country with

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