Deer Valley Expansion: Details, Schedule, & Plans

Deer Valley Expansion: Details, Schedule, & Plans

Deer Valley Ski run aerial view

Deer Valley, Utah is one of the best ski-only resorts in the country and is a well-known destination for year-round recreation, luxury properties, and stunning views of the surrounding mountains. At the end of 2023, resort owners unveiled a plan to massively expand Deer Valley and enhance every aspect of its experience. This project is still in development, so this article is your resource for all the details on what is happening with the Deer Valley expansion.

Details on the Deer Valley Terrain Expansion: Expanded Excellence

Deer Valley Ski Resort has been one of two main world-class ski resorts in Park City, Utah for over 40 years. In fact, In 2019, Extell Development Company started developing the newest Utah ski resort, Mayflower Mountain. It included plans for the most advanced snowmaking system and an abundance of luxury amenities.

In August 2023, Deer Valley owners announced a partnership with the development company. Mayflower Mountain will not be a standalone ski resort, but will become one of Deer Valley’s bases. In fact, the development is just part of Deer Valley’s “Expanded Excellence” initiative, which is a collection of projects to expand and improve the Deer Valley resort.

The Deer Valley expansion will add:

  • An additional 3,700 acres of skiable terrain (for a total of 5,726 acres)
  • 135 new ski runs for all ability levels (for a total of 238)
  • 16 new chairlifts (for a total of 37)
  • 10-passenger gondola
  • Ski access across four new mountain peaks
  • New Village and Portal area
  • 2,000 additional jobs
  • 1,200 new parking spaces
  • A ski run just under 5 miles, one of the longest in the country
  • World’s largest “ski beach”

The Deer Valley expansion plans aren’t just about increasing the size of the resort. Expanded Excellence is a strategic move to enhance every part of the visitor experience, including a more streamlined arrival experience to allow visitors to get on the ski slopes faster than ever.

Deer Valley skiier

Although there are an incredible number of improvements and developments, the Deer Valley resort expansion consists of three primary focuses:

Revitalization of Existing Facilities


Snow Park Base Transformation


New Village and Portal


Deer Valley is already a well-known ski only destination, and the experience will only continue to improve with the expanded terrain and upgrades to existing mountain operations and facilities. However, leadership has made it clear that its founding principles remain the same. Some features of the Deer Valley Resort will not be changing, like its ski only experience and limitations on the daily capacity to keep slopes from overcrowding. In addition, it will continue to offer ski slopes for all ability levels, with new beginner terrain included in the expansion.

Deer Valley expansion skiable terrain details

Deer Valley Real Estate & Lodging

Deer Valley is already well-known for having a wide variety of properties throughout the resort; from large, luxury single-family homes, luxury residences within hotels, and small, ski-in/ski-out condos.

As the Deer Valley developments continue, demand for real estate in this area is likely to increase. If you’ve considered purchasing a permanent home, vacation home, or rental property in the Deer Valley area, now is a great time to claim it. The best strategy is to talk directly to our real estate team for the most updated information about the new resort developments and how the long-term plans should impact your purchase. Reach out to us on the form below!

The current base areas within Deer Valley include Upper and Lower Deer Valley, Empire Pass, and Deer Crest. The additional terrain and new base portal around Snow Park Lodge and Mayflower Resort is likely to create even more properties. However, visitors and buyers still have plenty of options to purchase within the resort. Make sure you read our property-specific guides for current listings:

Deer Valley Resort Plans & Expected Schedule

The Deer Valley expansion project is well underway, since construction on the Mayflower resort began in 2019. The leadership team from Extell and Deer Valley expects to begin development on different areas of the existing and new terrain in multiple phases over the next few years. The project has been meticulously planned, but all projected openings are subject to delays.

This is the current projected schedule for Expanded Excellence:

  • 2024: Snow Park construction may begin
  • 2025: Remaining Snow Park construction
  • Winter 2025/2026: Phased opening of Mayflower resort with 2,900 acres and 110 ski runs serviced by 9 chairlifts
  • Winter 2026/2027: New ski services facility opens

Deer Valley Expansion Map


More Deer Valley & Park City Real Estate Options

The Deer Valley plans for expansion will more than double its ski only terrain. This project begins an exciting new chapter for the mountain resort and for Deer Valley skiers. It also presents an opportunity to own real estate that is going to increase in value over the next few years.

For more details on ski properties throughout the region, read our individual guides & resources. Plus, contact us today for personalized guidance by simply filling out the form below!

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