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How Much Will Residential Solar Panels Save You?When it comes to sustainable construction, few products top the charts like solar panels do. They're efficient, they save the planet, and they take advantage of a resource that is not going away anytime soon. But it's clear to homeowners that this technology doesn't come for free, which is just one of the reasons why solar panels haven't been universally adopted. There's a lot of pros and cons on either side of the debate when it comes to the real value of solar panels, so it may be time shed a little more light on the subject before anyone decides one way or the other.

Raw Costs

There's no denying that solar panels scare people off with their price tags. Few homeowners are interested in dipping into their bank accounts to spend an average of

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Weigh Immediate Benefits of Green Improvement Against Added Home ValueSome people buy a house in order to provide the stability of a long-term family home. Others buy with the intention of reselling at a profit somewhere down the line, and are interested in maximizing potential return. Still others purchase homes in need of updating and renovation, focusing on what is currently "hot" on the market to assure a quick resale.

Immediate Benefit vs. Long-Term Value

Numerous energy-efficient home upgrades exist to help homeowners lower their bills—who doesn't know about LED bulbs and the wisdom of unplugging appliances that aren't currently being used? In the same vein, solar landscape lighting and motion-controlled exterior fixtures make good sense in terms of both current savings and future value.


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6 Must Have Painting ToolsThere is an art to staging a luxury home, and paint choice is a large part of it. And, as with any art, there are certain tools of the trade that should be mastered. Some of them can be useful depending on the situation, but some are so handy they’re almost mandatory for anyone who wants to paint. Here are some of the different useful painting tools available on the market and how to use them. 

1. 5 Gallon Bucket

Paint already comes in buckets, so why would anyone want a bigger bucket for their paint? There’s actually a very handy reason. When using multiple cans of paint that are the same color, it’s possible that there could be an error made during the mixing process that means they come out in slightly different shades. By pouring all the

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