How to Create Luxury in Your Home Using Smart Technology


How Smart Technology Can Increase the Luxury in Your HomeIt's clear that some technology is made for strictly practical purposes, while other devices are made more for fun. But as the years roll by and the technology improves, the lines are increasingly blurry. Now homeowners can highlight the luxury in their home with the addition of smart technology, and they can improve upon their home for both themselves and future buyers. Luxury homes can be brought to a new level by the integration of smart technology into their lifestyle.

Smart Speakers

There are few things more luxurious than asking a question to the air while alone and then immediately receiving the answer. Smart speakers provide homeowners with the opportunity to do exactly that, enabling them to make to-do lists, play music, query search engines, or integrate with other smart technology in the home. They're perfect for sitting on the couch, cooking, or even lying in bed. Those who use smart speakers not only have a way to get information when they need it the most, but they can also operate the lights and other appliances at their discretion. The most advanced speakers can be hooked up to practically every other device in a home so everything stays connected.

Smart Outdoor Lanterns

Outdoor lanterns today come in a number of different color options and sizes. Homeowners may use them to light up their walkway or just to hang up in the backyard. They can be used to produce a veritable light show (controlled via smartphone), which can be just what homeowners need to turn a modest garden party into a truly memorable night. Most homeowners forget about their outdoor space until they have company coming over, but outdoor lanterns give everyone a means to enjoy a little twist on electricity.

Smart Locks

Who needs a regular key when residents and authorized guests can use an app to access the house? Smart locks are controlled with a smartphone and usually only need a tap of the hand or fingers to open. Homeowners always have a record of who unlocks the door and when. Smart locks are a good way to set a home apart—especially when it comes to home showings at the time of sale. But even if a homeowner isn't planning to sell their home anytime soon though, smart locks can make it easier to get in and out of the home after running errands. It also allows the key owner full knowledge over who's coming and going.

Smart Trashcans

Opening up a trash can may not be the most difficult thing in the world, but it can be rife with hazards if a person is carrying handfuls of objects to throw away. Even cans that open with the touch of a foot can be hazardous if the object is large enough that the person can't see their feet. While perhaps not strictly necessary, smart trashcans can be opened by merely speaking the request aloud. Simplehuman's smart trashcan has two compartments for recycling and trash, plus a handy place to store extra trash liners.

All of these options are not only designed to give a homeowner more options, they can also gradually improve the way a person feels about the home. Convenience can be worth its weight in gold, and smart home technology does an incredible job of making that convenience more accessible than ever in Midway homes. Homeowners who do more research into each option might be surprised at just how much they needed something they didn't realize even existed.

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