How to Highlight Luxury When Showing Your Home


How to Show a Luxury Home to Impress BuyersShowing a luxury home may not seem very difficult, especially considering most of them are already designed to be impressive at first sight. But there are ways to better highlight its best features when showing in the hopes of better offers. The market may be a fickle friend to sellers depending on a number of unpredictable variables, but there are plenty of decisions you do have total control over. Use these tips before deciding on a strategy.

Consider Private Showings Only

Open houses for luxury homes tend to draw in people who are just looking for something to do on the weekend. This could be anyone from a couple just having a little fun to a thief who wants to check out the home's vulnerabilities. By making the home showings private, sellers send buyers a clear message that they're serious about the sale. Private showings also give sellers a chance to 'vet' the people coming to the house. This can help people sellers define the market for the rest of the times the home is on the market.

For example, if the home is marketed for young families but most of the interested parties turn out to be retirees, it can help sellers stage the home to better attract their primary demographic. They may turn a child-style room into a study or a workout room to give buyers an idea of how to use the space.

Quality Over Quantity

This should always be the luxury motto, whether talking about photos on social media, furniture in staged rooms, or the number of showing appointments made. The way the home is treated during a showing will send subtle messages to buyers about what the home is really worth. Five photographs of the home captured in the best light and at the best angle will mean far more than 30 photographs that were randomly shot.

All clutter should be cleared out of the room, and there should be a few properly sized pieces of furniture that make the room as open and airy as possible. One baby grand piano will make a dramatic enough statement that you don't necessarily need to outfit the rest of the space with much more. Any views or unique amenities of the home should be thoroughly highlighted during showings (e.g., grilling areas, mountain views, etc.)

Stay Neutral

When showing a luxury home, sellers usually do best with a neutral color palette. This doesn't mean that there can't be interesting artwork or a few bold accessories anywhere in the home, only that neutral tones are just more well received by buyers. Neutral rooms tend to look bigger, and they usually put potential buyers in a more relaxed mood. It makes it that much easier for them to picture what it would be like to live in that particular luxury home.

Luxury homes especially tend to be sold based on emotions rather than on the bottom line. A buyer with a comfortable income may be more concerned with how they feel in the home, in Jeremy Ranch or elsewhere, than with what their property taxes will be.

However a seller shows a luxury home, they need to make sure that they're going the extra mile. It's impossible to tell just how much higher the selling price will be with a good showing, but precedence seems to suggest that luxury homes especially have a lot of wiggle room if they're shown correctly.

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