Secrets to Selling a Luxury Home: Tips to Market and Sell a Luxury Home


3 Secrets to Selling Your Luxury HomeAnyone can choose to adopt the techniques of a luxury agent. The overall approach can help an owner or investor sell a luxury home for optimal value. There is much more that needs to be done for those serious about selling a luxury home. Luxury homes and super-prime properties need the efforts of an agent with an understanding of the market and a diverse network of contacts.

Understand more about what goes into selling a luxury home and how to attract the right buyers today.

Have a Buyer Profile

It is important to appeal to a range of potential buyers. However, some homes appeal more to some people than others, and because of that, homeowners trying to sell their homes can benefit from analyzing these highlights. Building a profile of who might fit the home will help homeowners more effectively market it. It does not help a seller to show a home to potential buyers when it may not meet important requirements, such as being close to a desired school or not having a separate space for those who operate their own business from home. Creating a buyer profile will help in selling a home as it currently stands or in making upgrades that will attract a target buyer.

Know the Selling Points of the Home

A home or property considered to be a luxury or trophy asset needs to stand out. Buyers at that price point have options and often do not have to move or relocate until they find what they want in a property. The negotiation process itself can become drawn out.

Sellers in such cases need to offer something that comparable properties in the area lack. A property with desirable water views or a view of an iconic landmark may be enough to get a buyer motivated to sign. High-end buyers are often interested in large lots or the addition of furnished roof spaces. An agent who is responsible for selling the property needs to be able to articulate the features of a home that may set it apart from others in the area that are at a similar price point.

Use Available Contact Networks

Some sellers prefer not to overtly market their home. At this point, agents need to use their connections and reach out to individuals who may have clients looking for a luxury home in a particular area. Homes need to be marketed discretely to individuals who may fit a lifestyle that the home may afford them. Luxury agents may choose to throw an exclusive, invite-only event.

At this point, a carefully vetted guest list is invited to generate buzz about the home. Agents engage in a soft sell and there are no tours of the home at the event. Buyers of luxury homes do not need the home. However, they may be more inclined to make a purchase when invited to such an event. Luxury homes in the multi-million dollar bracket may attract international buyers. Prices of luxury homes in the real estate market of the United States are often lower than those seen in other international cities, so agents should be willing to make connections on a global scale when selling multi-million dollar properties.

The Game Changes

Sellers and their agents have to do more than create a home listing, upload photos of a property and host an open house. Luxury homes require a higher level of attention and investment on the part of agents, whether they're selling in Lower Deer Valley or elsewhere. Speak with an experienced luxury agent to learn more about how a seller can make a luxury home more attractive to potential buyers.

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