The Top 22 Hikes To Do In And Around Park City, Utah

The Top 22 Hikes To Do In And Around Park City, Utah - Main Image

Looking for some of the best hikes Park City, Utah offers? You've come to the right place! Today we're sharing some of the best hikes Park City offers, including all of their details and where they're located. You'll be able to read about the skill level required, the length of the Trail, and much more. We're even sharing some hidden gems tucked away in nature. You'll be ready to pack your hiking bag and get on trekking by the end. But, before we dive into the top hikes Park City, Utah, has, let us introduce you first to the fine city.

Park City, Utah

Park City, Utah, is located east of Salt Lake City. It is an enchanting mountain town that has a booming tourism industry. The mountain town is home to two major ski resorts that draw a huge crowd every year. In addition, Deer Valley Resort and Park City Mountain Resort have both hosted significant sporting events. Summers in Park City are warm, beautiful, and packed with adventures waiting around every corner. With great weather, soaring mountains, and lush velvety trees, it's easy to see why there are so many amazing hikes Park City is home to.

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Why You Need To Start Hiking

Hiking is terrific and serves as a great full-body workout. Not only do you get a lot of steps in for those who love their pedometers, but it's a great way to explore new places and see sights from a new perspective. In addition, hiking regularly helps build muscle, improve your balance, help with sleep, and work on endurance and heart health. Hiking is a great hobby, and some of the best hikes Park City caters to all skill levels and give remarkable views of the soaring mountains, sparkling streams, and velvety green grassy landscapes.

Hikes, Park City

3 Mile Hikes, Park City, Utah

Bloods Lake Trail - S. Guardsman Pass Road, Park City, UT

Bloods Lake Trail is a great hiking trail for beginners, families, or those who want a quick trek. It stretches 2.7 miles and takes, on average, one hour and fourteen minutes to complete. Bloods Lake Trail is a popular hiking path with an elevation gain of 131 meters. Hikers are treated to beautiful sights of trees, plants, and wildflowers.

PC Hill - 2780 Kearns Blvd, Park City, UT

PC Hill is a short, 1.3-mile hike. It takes approximately 52 minutes to complete. Hikers climb 145 meters up and are treated to gorgeous views. The higher you hike, the view becomes more impressive! The PC Hill hiking trail is open year-round and offers excellent opportunities for bird watching, wildlife viewing and spectacular sights. A walking stick is very helpful when packing for the PC Hill hiking trail.

The Top 22 Hikes To Do In And Around Park City, Utah - Birdwatching

Mine Shaft Loop - Near Park City UT

The Mine Shaft Loop is a 2.7-mile loop-style trail. It takes, on average, one hour and thirty-three minutes to complete. It's a great hiking trail to do as a family as well. The Mine Shaft Loop hiking trail takes hikers up 216 meters and treats them to a beautiful scenic view. The Trail is blanketed in forested terrain with hundreds of ancient trees towering.

Willow Creek Trail - Old Ranch Neighborhood, Park City, UT

Willow Creek Trail is a beautiful, loop-style trail. It is 1.9 miles long and has an elevation gain of 24 meters. Some parts of the Trail are partially paved, but other parts of the terrain are rough and jagged. Hiking Willow Creek Trail delivers spectacular mountain views as well.

Poison Creek Trail - East Side of Park City, UT

If you need a short, beginner-friendly hike, Poison Creek Trail is ideal. It's approximately 1.9 miles with only a slight elevation of 66 meters. Poison Creek Trail can typically be completed in about one hour. It's kid-friendly and gratifying.

Solamere Loop - Located in the Lower Deer Valley Area, Park City, UT

The Solamere Loop is a great trail for all hikers. Beginner, intermediate and advanced hikers will enjoy hiking the Solamere Loop. As hikers peek through the trees along the hiking trail, they're treated to a spectacular view with a dramatic skyline. The Solamere Loop takes approximately an hour and ten minutes to complete. It's 2.67 miles and has an elevation gain of 114 meters.

Fink Again Loop - Park City, UT

The Fink Again Loop is one of the best hikes Park City has to offer. It is blanketed with wildflowers, plants, and majestic trees. The Fink Again Loop is, as its name suggests, a loop-style trail. It's 2.8 miles with an elevation gain of 133 meters. This particular hike is dog-friendly and well-marked. It's a great hike for beginners as it's a relatively easy route.

Fink Again Loop - Dog Walking

RTS Loop - Near Olympic Park, Park City, UT

The RTS Loop is a terrific hike for families. It's hard enough to provide some challenge but easy enough that you'll feel accomplished, encouraged, and empowered by completing it. The RTS Loop is one of the most loved hikes Park City has. It's a 2.5-mile loop with an elevation gain of 340 feet. It gets the heart pumping without leaving you questioning why you started out in the first place. The RTS Loop is perfect for both hiking and biking. It offers breathtaking views from every spot.

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3 - 6 Mile Hikes

Armstrong Trail to Dawns Trail Loop - 1825 Three Kings Drive, Park City, UT

A hike abundant with wildflowers, gorgeous scenery, and challenging terrain, that's what you get when you make the trek from Armstrong Trail to Dawns Trail Loop. This hike is 3.29 miles and usually takes less than two hours to complete. A walking stick would be handy for this hike as it has a 205-meter elevation gain. This moderately challenging hike is filled with beautiful sights.

Bald Mountain via Silver Lake Trail - Deer Valley Resort Area, Park City, UT

With the highest lift-served mountain in the area, Silver Lake Trail requires a moderate skill level to complete. However, though it might take some effort, it offers deep, never-ending views of the valley and sights as far as Guardsman Pass. In addition, the Silver Lake trail offers a peaceful getaway within beautiful nature.

Clayton Peak via Bloods Lake Trail - Bonanza Flat Conservation Area

The hike to Clayton Peak is steep, with many sharp peaks. Bloods Lake Trail is 5.3 miles of challenging terrain. A hiker can expect it to take anywhere around three and a half hours to complete. The views are worth the trip, though!

Clayton Peak Via Bloods Lake Trail - Mountaintop Views

Gambel Oak Loop - East Side of Park City, UT

The Gambel Oak Loop hiking trail is a beginner-friendly trail. It's roughly 4.5 miles round trip and offers impressive views overlooking Deer Valley and Main Street. The majority of the Gambel Oak Loop hiking trail is flat. It's a pleasant adventure.

Dawn’s Trail - 1825 Three Kings Drive, Park City, UT

Dawn's Trail is 3.6 miles in total. It takes, on average, a little under two hours to complete. The hike climbs slow and steady and is only open to foot traffic. Dawn's Trail is a quiet, tranquil hike abundant with thick bushes and plants.

Ten-ish Mile Hikes, Park City

Rob’s Trail - 2520 Bear Hollow Drive, Park City, UT

Rob's Trail is an eight-and-a-half-mile-long hike. It takes approximately four and a half hours to complete. The hike features a slow, gradual climb as hikers twist and turn through towering pine trees.

Round Valley Rail Trail - Entrance at Gillmor Way, Park City, UT

Pack your hiking bag with snacks, water, and sunscreen for this hike. Round Valley Rail Trail is 7.1 miles in length. It takes roughly three hours to complete. Round Valley Rail Trail offers hikers great views and interesting terrain. Hikers will go through curvy paths and enjoy spectacular sights around each bend.

Round Valley Rail Trail - Forest View

Spiro Trail - Accessible From Tow, Park City, UT

Spiro Trail is a fantastic hike. The terrain is fairly smooth and steady and has a gradual incline. Spiro Trail has an easy access beginning and is very well-engineered. The 6.6-mile hike typically takes about three and a half hours to complete.

Treasure Hill from Town Lift Base, Park City, UT

Treasure Hill is an appealing hiking trail. It’s approximately 6.9 miles long and features an elevation gain of 418 meters. In addition, the Treasure Hill hiking trail takes roughly three and a half hours to complete.

Long Hikes - 9.3 miles and longer

Wasatch Crest Trail - N F-029, Salt Lake City, UT

Wasatch Crest Trail is a great hike for a weekend. It has multiple access points and elevates slowly. This hiking trail takes the hiker on a high-climbing mission of roughly 18 miles. It takes roughly eight and a half hours to complete. However, the effort needed for this hike pays off when hikers get to see the spectacular 360-degree views nearly the entire way!

Holly’s Trail to Mid Mountain - Park City, UT

Holly’s Trail is a hike roughly 9.8 miles long. It takes roughly five hours to complete seasoned hikers and has an elevation gain of 545 meters. Holly’s Trail is abundant with colorful wildflowers, soaring trees, and sparkling lakes.

Holly's Trail To Mid Mountain - Flowers

Spring Creek - Flying Dog Trail, 6671 Glenwild Drive, Park City, UT

Flying Dog Trail is a long hike. The Trail is approximately 16.3 miles and takes roughly seven hours to complete. Hikers will find a slight incline, a steady climb, beautiful scenery, and amazing sights of birds when they hike this Trail. Flying Dog Trail is a loop-style trail with many resting points, perfect for a picnic lunch.

Mid Mountain Trail - Silver Lake Lodge at Deer Valley, Park City

Mid Mountain Trail is a long, challenging, rewarding hike. It's approximately 23 miles long and takes approximately 10 hours for a seasoned hiker to complete. Mid Mountain Trail is a challenging trail that offers panoramic views. It's an awe-inspiring experience to complete this hike.

Union Pacific Rail Trail - Park City, UT

The Union Pacific Rail Trail is 27 miles long. It takes approximately eight and a half hours to complete and draws quite a crowd. A large portion of this hike is paved, making it a great option for families, bikers, etc.

Union Pacific Rail Trail - Biking

Hiking Tips You Need To Know

Before you choose one of these amazing hikes Park City offers, review the following hiking tips and guidelines to make sure you're prepared and ready.

  • Choose a route that fits your skill level.
  • Take note of the elevation, so there aren't any surprises during the hike.
  • Check the weather and the forecast
  • Tell someone where you’re going and how long you expect the hike to take you.
  • Pack the essentials in a lightweight bag

The Hiking Essentials

The hiking essentials are what you need to pack in your hiking bag. Never leave on a hike without a well-packed bag. This can make the hike much safer and more enjoyable. The hiking essentials are:

  • compass/map
  • Sweater
  • Sunscreen
  • Flashlight
  • First aid kit
  • lighter/matches
  • Food
  • Water
  • Depending on the length of the hike - an emergency tent

The Hiking Essentials - Backpack

The Final Word About The Hikes Park City Offers

Some of the best hikes Park City has to offer treat hikers to amazing views, glistening lakes, and dramatic mountainscapes. The panoramic views make the trek worth every effort. There are many hikes for all skill levels, and that's the great thing about hiking. Hiking is a beginner-friendly sport that is so good for you in so many ways. From physical to mental, your overall health and well-being will change if you take up hiking. So go grab the hiking essentials, tie up your shoes and get yourself a map. Your hike is waiting for you!

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